Dedicated to the 100 million victims of communism worldwide.
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National Exhibit
National Exhibit
The War on Religion
The Soviet Union, reflective of the communist world as a whole, was openly hostile to religion and officially atheist...
Communism in China
Reports of the death of communism in China are greatly exaggerated. As the 21st Century moves into its second decade, the Chinese Communist Party retains a tight monopoly on political power...
The Uyghur minority of East Turkestan have long been victims of the Chinese Communist Party’s sixty-year authoritarian rule. The Turkic Uyghurs are a moderate Sunni Muslim people located in China’s vast northwest...
An explosive confrontation was set in motion, a battle that would pitch a peaceful and deeply religious people against a group of hardcore Communists and its mighty patron, the Soviet Union...
You Won The Cold War
“You have won the Cold War. … [Your] underappreciated valor [helped] topple the Berlin Wall, and bring down dictators the world over. … For the past four decades the world behind the Iron Curtain. . .
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Location:  Central Europe
Capital:  Prague
Communist Rule:  1948-1989
Status:  31.12.92 - Dissolution
Victims of Communism:
65 000