Dedicated to the 100 million victims of communism worldwide.
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National Exhibit
National Exhibit
Klement Gottwald

Born in 1896 as an illegitimate child in a Moravian village he learned the trade of carpenter in Vienna. However, he did not experience the life of a genuine proletarian as he became at an early age a full time functionary in the Communist party apparatus. In Prague at the main Party secretariat he formed a militant pro-Moscow fraction in opposition to the leadership. In 1928 he was promoted to membership of the executive body (executiva) of the Kominterna – The Third Communist International located in Moscow.

During the 1930’s, Gottwald as a member of the Czechoslovak parliament advocated a firm pro-Soviet line. In March 1939 Czechoslovakia as a sovereign state ceased to exist, and in November Gottwald emigrated to Moscow.

After the victorious war, Gottwald returned to Prague assuming the role of a vicepremier of the government and chairman of the so-called National Front. In June 1948 President Edvard Benes resigned and Gottwald became his successor. He implemented a strict course of Stalinist transformation of the country which culminated in a show trial in late 1952 and the hanging of eleven prominent politicians including some of his close comrades.

By that time, Gottwald - an alcoholic and ravaged with syphilis - had only three months to live. As a faithful disciple of Stalin to the very end, a few days after attending the Soviet Dictator’s funeral in March 1953, he also stopped breathing.

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Location:  Central Europe
Capital:  Prague
Communist Rule:  1948-1989
Status:  31.12.92 - Dissolution
Victims of Communism:
65 000